Advice - How to apply decorative plaster VALLE

Advice - How to apply decorative plaster VALLE

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How to apply decorative plaster VALLE

1. Application of primer.

Prior to plastering surface has to be coated by KVARC primer.

2. Application of plaster VALLE.

Recreating of relief structure: VALLE has to be applied by rectangular or trapezoidal trowel in criss-cross or wave like manner keeping light pressure on to the tool. Too rough areas can subsequently be smoothened by brush.

3. Application of tinted CERA wax

Developing of structure by means of application of  tinted  CERA wax. CERA has to be evenly applied  by brush or woollen glove on to 1÷2 m² surface area units using multidirectional or circular movements. 

4. CERA wax spreading (washing).

While CERA is still wet surface has to be worked by woollen glove again in order to ensure uniform wax distribution all over the surface.

4. The surface is done.

To provide high degree of washability it is recommended to seal the surface by transparent varnish of required degree of gloss (EKOAKVA, LUOTEN or PANEĻU LAKA are recommended). Varnishing of surface helps also to reveal contrast of the structure. In case pearlescent sparkling effect is desired it is also possible (optional) to admix pearlescent powder PERLIUM of required colour directly to the lacquer prior to its application.

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