Advice - How to apply decoratice paint SCINTILLO

Advice - How to apply decoratice paint SCINTILLO

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How to apply decoratice paint SCINTILLO

1. Application of primer.

Prior to SCINTILLO application surface has to be coated by KVARC primer. SCINTILLO forms semitransparent coat, therefore in case of color contrast between base coat (KVARC) and top coat (SCINTILLO) is required it is recommended to tint KVARC in to shade contrasting with the color of SCINTILLO.

2. Application of SCINTILLO.

Apply SCINTILLO by wide brush with soft bristles using “criss-cross” or “parallel” movements on to 2÷3 m² surface unit.


3. Smoothering of „white particles”.

After 5-15 minutes (when clear base of paint is already set, but while polymeric flecks are still wet) surface has to be smoothened by criss-crossed or parallel movements of metal or plastic spatula. Very gentle pressing has to be applied on to the tool while moving spatula over the surface and squeezing white polymeric flecks. Blade of spatula has to be kept at acute angle (as parallel as possible) to surface.


4. The surface is done.


To provide high degree of washability it is recommended to seal the surface by transparent varnish of required degree of gloss (EKOAKVA, LUOTEN or PANEĻU LAKA can be used). Varnishing of surface also helps to reveal contrast of the structure. In case pearlescent sparkling effect is desired it is also possible (optional) to admix pearlescent powder PERLIUM of required colour directly to the lacquer prior to its application.

Multidirectional application.

Application in one direction.

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