For mineral surface - SOKKEL

SOKKEL Water dispersion paint for plinth painting


  • The product can be tinted
  • Water-dispersion paint
  • Product can be stored only at temperatures above +5°C
  • The product is designed for exterior use
  • Use water for diluting and tools cleaning
  • The product can be applied with spray gun
  • The product can be applied by brush
  • The product can be applied by roller
  • Drying time 1 h
  • Packaging 0.9 l, 3.6 l, 9 l
  • Consumption 4÷11 m²/l

Acrylate water dispersion paint for protection and decorative decoration of building plinths. Can be used for painting new and previously painted concrete and plastered surfaces, mineral plates as well as various galvanized tin products, such as gutters. Not intended for roof painting. Forms a semi-matt coating characterized by high weather resistance. The incorporation of a modifying aminosiloxane polymer in the paint provides excellent hydrophobicity, flexibility and water vapor permeability. The coating is easy to wash, especially when using one of the detergents (including both anionic and cationic surfactants, or those containing weak alkaline solutions). Base A can be used as white or tinted in light colors using the RILAKOLOR tinting system.

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