Varnishes, woodstains and oils - VERSAKRIL

VERSAKRIL Weather resistant, water based acrylic lacquer


  • The product can be tinted
  • The product is designed for interior use
  • Product can be stored only at temperatures above +5°C
  • The product is designed for exterior use
  • Use water for diluting and tools cleaning
  • The product can be applied with spray gun
  • The product can be applied by brush
  • Drying time 3 h
  • Packaging 0.9 l, 2.7 l, 9 l
  • Consumption 6÷7 m²/l

Water based acrylic lacquer. Forms semi-matt, semi-transparent film with high resistance of the coated surfaces to blocking. The UV filter in the composition ensures long-term protection of wooden surfaces and the coating itself against UV radiation. VERSAKRIL (EC base) may be used as such colourless or may be tinted by RILAKOLOR system. Surfaces coated by tinted VERSAKRIL have enhanced outdoor durability. Lacquer is intended for lacquering of wooden surfaces used indoor and in outdoor environments. It may be used for finishing of wooden windows, garden furniture and other items.


Mix VERSAKRIL carefully before use. Dilution with water to working viscosity is allowed, if necessary (by 10-20% for spraying or up to 5%, using a brush). Remove dirt and dust from the surface to be coated. Wooden surfaces used in open environments must be preliminary  primed with one layer of colourless or tinted paint TEKSTURDEKOR AKVASATIN. Wooden surfaces used indoors do not require preliminary priming. Apply lacquer on to clean dry surfaces in 2 layers Application of VERSAKRIL on TEKSTURDEKOR AKVASATIN may be performed only after complete drying of the priming layer. Apply lacquer evenly, avoiding local accumulation of it and formation of a thicker layer. Temperature of ambient air and surface to be lacquered must be at least +10°C. Relative air humidity – not exceeding 70%. Time for drying between layers – at least 1 hour at (20±2) ºC temperature or at least 3 hours at (10±2)ºC temperature.

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