Paints for ceilings - Movilat AntiBacterial

Movilat AntiBacterial Antibacterial water-based paint for walls and ceilings


  • The product can be tinted
  • The product is designed for interior use
  • Water-dispersion paint
  • Product can be stored only at temperatures above +5°C
  • Use water for diluting and tools cleaning
  • The product can be applied with spray gun
  • The product can be applied by brush
  • The product can be applied by roller
  • Drying time 1 h
  • Packaging 0.9 l, 3.6 l, 9 l
  • Consumption 8÷12 m²/l

Water dispersion antibacterial paint MOVILAT Anti-Bacterial based on acrylate dispersion. Due to its ability to resist the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold, it is recommended for wall and ceiling finishes in medical institutions, kindergartens, schools, food industry companies, etc. Can be used for plaster, concrete, brick, wood, plasterboard, etc. for painting surfaces in rooms with high service load, as well as for painting embossed acrylic and fiberglass wallpaper. Can also be used for finishing work in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, bathrooms, etc.). In bathrooms, exposure to copious amounts of water should be avoided in order to prevent accelerated leaching of the active components from the film. The paint is easily and evenly applied to the surface. Forms a matte coating with a slightly silky sheen. The paint is characterized by increased coverage. The coating belongs to the wet abrasion resistance class 1 (ISO 11998). Base A can be used as white or tinted in light shades; Base C can be tinted in dark colors using the RILAKOLOR system.

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