Paints for walls - NUOVAMAT

NUOVAMAT Deep matte paint for walls and ceilings with ceramics


  • The product can be tinted
  • The product is designed for interior use
  • Water-dispersion paint
  • Product can be stored only at temperatures above +5°C
  • Use water for diluting and tools cleaning
  • The product can be applied with spray gun
  • The product can be applied by brush
  • The product can be applied by roller
  • Drying time 1 h
  • Packaging 0.9 l, 3.6 l, 9 l, 18 l
  • Consumption 8÷12 m²/l

Especially abrasion-resistant, easy-to-clean deep matte acrylic aqueous dispersion paint. Composition of this paint is designed using modern technology, resulting in paint obtaining a unique set of qualities. NUOVAMAT contains particularly hard fillers based on ceramic and glass, making the surface especially resistant to dry and wet friction. Shine appearing as a result of intense mechanical impact (friction) can be easily and quickly removed by rubbing these spots with a wet cloth. Ceramic fillers provide a surface with even structure and increased dispersibility of light; visible joints are not formed and the painted area can easily be fixed, if necessary.  Excellent flowing ability prevents formation of uneven surface spots, which could appear during application of paint by a roller. Paint is intended for painting of walls and ceilings in the residential, office, public and other premises with extensive use. Paint may also be used in the premises with increased moisture - bathrooms, toilet facilities, etc. Suitable for painting of plaster, concrete, brick, reinforcement and texturised acrylic, vinyl and glass-fibre fabric wall coverings. This paint may also be applied on prepared metal and other surfaces previously painted with aqueous dispersion paints. Paint is suitable for fixing of local damaged areas due to its excellent masking ability in two layers.   

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